Top 100 Hilarious and Addictive Celebrity Blogs

Even if you’re not a huge fan of celebrity gossip, it’s hard to avoid all those blogs, tabloids and TV shows devoted to Lindsay Lohan’s latest missteps and which celebrity couple has just split. Amongst all the junk, there are some sources that are actually pretty smart, stylish and just plain addictive. For our favorite 100 celebrity blogs, check out the following lists, which include everything from celebrity fashion, and teeny bopper news to romance reports to international socialites.

Major Players

Here you’ll find some of the most famous and most trafficked celebrity blogs, including E! Online and TMZ.

  1. TMZ: This celeb blog became famous when it broke the news of Mel Gibson’s DWI arrest.
  2. Watch with Kristin: E! Online’s Kirstin Dos Santos blogs about the TV industry and its actors in her blog.
  3. Perez Hilton: Perez Hilton blogs about celebrities from Tyra Banks to Paris Hilton to "Sluttyienna Miller."
  4. The Superficial: The Superficial reports on the beautiful people "because you’re ugly."
  5. Damn I’m Cute: View pictures of hot celebrities and read regular posts on celebrity birthdays.
  6. Socialite Life: Despite its title, Socialite Life reports on more than just socialites. Popular subjects include Jennifer Aniston, Rhianna, Katie Holmes and the Gossip Girls.
  7. Defamer: This slightly more professional looking celebrity blog covers Hollywood news from the past and present.
  8. Jossip: Jossip, "the gossip’s gossip sheet" is a very popular, well organized celebrity blog that gives equal attention to teen stars as it does to news anchors and the publishing industry.
  9. Hollyscoop: View photos and read celebrity gossip from stars in the entertainment, movie, TV, music and fashion industries.
  10. E! Online: The TV station’s website recently got a makeover and is now in a blog format, letting readers subscribe via RSS or to podcasts.

More than a Celebrity Blog

These blogs offer more than just celebrity postings. You can also access biographies, videos, podcasts, games, forums and more.

  1. Anything Hollywood: Besides regular blog posts, you can find actor and actress bios, videos, and polls and voting games.
  2. Allie is Wired: Read celeb news, watch videos, participate in the community forums and more.
  3. Best Week Ever: Check out the blog for the famous MTV show here, where writers and editors weigh in on the ridiculous celebrity stories of the week and make them even funnier.
  4. Celebrity Dirty Laundry: Read celebrity news and play the Dirty Laundry game to vote on your favorite posts.
  5. Celebslam: Visit this blog for sarcastic article titles and pictures of Hottie McTotties like Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Aniston.
  6. CelebTV: Watch videos, browse photos and read posts about popular celebrities, their romances and new gigs.
  7. Jezebel: Smart, sassy writers dissect celebrity news, gossip and fashion on Jezebel.
  8. Popsugar: This blog really is "insanely addictive," as it advertises. Popsugar also features an online community and games.
  9. PopCrunch: Read the blog and then watch videos on the PopCrunch show to see your favorite celebrities in action.
  10. The Insider: Here’s the blog for the TV tabloid show The Insider, where you can catch up on up-to-the minute news and photos of celebrities.


For the latest in celebrity fashion trends, model news and fashion designers, visit our favorite fashion blogs, like FabSugar, The Cut, Fashionista and The Sartorialist.

  1. CoutureCandy: CoutureCandy’s celebrity gossip blog mostly features the stylish celebrities, like Kirsten Dunst and Eva Longoria.
  2. The Cut: New York Magazine’s fashion blog, the Cut, reports on everything from the fashion world, including new designers, runway show, model news, fashion week, Hollywood and more.
  3. Fashionista: Those who count Philip Lim, Jessica Stam and Julia Restoin-Roitfeld as their favorite celebrities will appreciate Fashionista’s blog.
  4. FabSugar: Part of PopSugar’s family, FabSugar covers fashion and celebrity trends.
  5. GlamChic: Get the latest fashion trends and view pictures of models and fashion insiders here.
  6. The Sartorialist: Famous fashion photographer Scott Schuman snaps creative dressers and beautiful outfits, including those worn by models and fashion editors, all around the world.
  7. Celebrity Beauty Buzz: This blog shares "the latest in celebrity fashion, beauty and fitness," from Scarlett Johansson’s red lipstick fetish to Katie Holmes’ latest haircut.
  8. Talking Makeup: This blog is all about haircare, makeup, beauty products, bath products and celebrity makeup trends.
  9. StyleIkon: Stars like Jessica Simpson, Kate Hudson and Madonna are the features of this blog.
  10. Celebrity Style Guide Blog: Find out what celebrities like Nicole Richie, Miley Cyrus, Kimberly Stewart and Nicky Hilton are wearing on this blog.

Celebrity Diets and Bodies

For diet inspiration and insight into which stars are losing weight, visit these body-conscious blogs.

  1. Celebrity Body Gossip: Learn about all the diets, weight gains and controversy surrounding popular stars like Lindsay Lohan, Blake Lively and Cameron Diaz.
  2. Egotastics: View pictures of stars in their swimsuits and skimpy duds here.
  3. I’m Not Obsessed: Here you’ll find tons of celebrity gossip and news, as well as a community, contests, and a FitCeleb page that’s all about healthy eating, exercise and thin celebrities.
  4. The Skinny Website: Find out who’s getting scary skinny and who may have gained a few on this celebrity body tracker.
  5. Star Diet Secrets: Dieters can get inspiration from viewing photos and learning about the diets of Bar Rafaeli, Mischa Barton, Julianne Hough and others.
  6. Celebrity Diet Blog: Here you’ll learn about the diets that keep Angelina Jolie and Katie Holmes super svelte.
  7. Celebrity Girls: From Brooke Burke to Jennifer Garner, fit and beautiful celebrity women are featured on this site.
  8. Celebs Now: This blog posts lots of photos of celebrities like Adrianne Curry and Miranda Kerr.
  9. Celebs Planet: From revealing ad campaigns to stars in swimsuits, this body conscious blog features photos of Eva Mendes, Kate Hudson and Jennifer Aniston.
  10. Pretty on the Outside: From vintage shots of Javier Bardem to magazine covers to random celeb news, this blog is all about "what’s pretty today."


Part of the reason we love celebrity blogs is the bitch factor. For sarcasm, mugshots and other unforgiving photos, turn to these bloggers.

  1. Celebrity Smack: This site has been "smackin’ celebs since 2004." You’ll find fake conversation bubbles, celebrity boxing match ups and more.
  2. CelebWarship: Alyk, CelebWarship’s blogger loves that this site has been noted in the press for its "mean-spirited interpretation of celebrity stupidity."
  3. celebitchy: This blog isn’t afraid to ask the real questions like "What happened to Orlando Bloom’s Career" and why does "John Mayer like to watch Jennifer Aniston in Leprechaun?"
  4. Celebridiot: This blog understands that "celebrities are idiots too," so everything is fair game.
  5. What Would Tyler Durden Do: Get the lowdown on rumors, scandals and other juicy gossip involving movie stars and more.
  6. Dlisted: Dlisted cautions celebrities to "be very afraid," as their break-ups, movie flops and fashion choices are ridiculed here.
  7. Celebrity Puke: Read sarcastic posts that jeer at celebrities on Celebrity Puke.
  8. Celebrity Skank: Posts on this blog include "Britney as Lesbian Serial Killer" and "Zac Efron Sports a New Hairband… HAWT!" giving readers a silly look at celebrities.
  9. Celebrity Catfights: Which celebrities would you love to see fight? Vote on this blog.
  10. The Dirty Disher: Here you’ll find "celebrity gossip dished daily with no sympathy."

Teeny Boppers

Indulge your guilty pleasure of teeny bopper fashion and all things celebrity here.

  1. Disney Society: This site features posts about Disney celebs like Miley Cyrus and The Cheetah Girls.
  2. Junior Celebs: From Selena Gomez to Amanda Bynes to HSM, you’ll get it all here.
  3. Efron freak: This blog is totally devoted to Zac Efron.
  4. oceanUP: Celebrities often featured on this blog include Taylor Swift and The Jonas Brothers.

Photo Blogs

Browse through photos of celebrities on the street, at premieres, concerts, fashion shows, restaurants and more when you visit these photo blogs.

  1. SheKnows Celebrity Photo Blog: From movie premieres to stars on the set, this blog is packed with celebrity photos.
  2. Hot Celebrity Photos: Photos are posted on this blog of Hayden Panettiere, Jessica Biel and others.
  3. Celebrity Picture: View pictures of Scarlett Johansson on Jay Leno and see Rhianna at the beach on this blog.
  4. Popeater: From movie and music news to celeb rehab to stars out on the town, you’ll get it all here.
  5. Mr. Paparazzi: Let Mr. Paparazzi do all the dirty work, letting you browse photos of Tyra, Ryan Phillippe and others.
  6. Spreadit: Halle Berry, Carrie Underwood and Brad Pitt are featured here.


Besides getting the latest gossip on Brad and Angelina, these blogs also reveal scandals and stories about D-list celebs.

  1. Mollygood: Get the gossip on the celebrities you actually care about and the ones you don’t on Mollygood.
  2. Hollywood Rag: Though you can also read about stars like Kate Bosworth and Jamie Foxx, this blog pays a lot of attention to Tori Spelling and Pam Anderson.
  3. Celebs Crash: This blog reports on shoddy celebrity behavior and scandals.

Rumors and Gossip

For even more juicy gossip and rumors surrounding the most popular celebrities, you can visit these blogs.

  1. Celebrilarity: Check this blog, which organizes posts like a newspaper, for gossip about Lindsay Lohan, Miley Cyrus and others.
  2. Celebrity Gossip 101: this online community features user blogs, forums and a photo album.
  3. Celebrity Crust: From romance reports to celebrity health stories, turn to Celebrity Crust.
  4. Celebrity Mound: Sports stars, movie stars, and of course, Paris Hilton are featured here.
  5. Celebrity Trashcan: Look for celebrity mugshots and get the latest on hook-ups, break-ups and more on this blog.
  6. Feed Me Gossip: From movie premieres to candid shots, this website tracks stars wherever they go.
  7. Gabby Babble: Gabby Babble has "the juicy juice," from Lindsay Lohan to celebrity babies to interviews.
  8. Candy Kirby: From a "who wore it best: hair edition" post comparing Mariah Carey and little Bindi Irwin to ad-libbing for celebrity photos, this blogger is super funny and super addictive.
  9. In Case You Didn’t Know: If you love looking at candid shots of celebrities, you can indulge yourself here.
  10. Girl Retro: Girl Retro is a super addictive blog that posts quickie news items and photos of favorite female celebs like Jessica Alba and Sienna Miller.

International Celebrities and Socialites

From the Danish royalty to Prince William and beyond, these bloggers are obsessed with international stars and socialites.

  1. Goss UK: This UK-based blog also posts on LA gossip.
  2. Sponkit Celebrity Blog: Get the romance report on your favorite TV, movie, music and even royal family celebrities.
  3. The Black Socialite: View photos and find out what black socialites and celebrities like Nicole Fiscella and other movers and shakers are up to.
  4. Danish Royal Watchers: Who knew stalking the Danish could be so addicting?


Here you can catch up on casting news, marriage announcements, divorces, baby news and other celeb stories.

  1. Celebrity Blog: View videos and read about breaking news in Hollywood here.
  2. 1Gossip: This site organizes links from other celebrity news stories.
  3. A Hot Mess!: This funny blog catches celebrities like Chris Brown and Amy Winehouse at awkward moments.
  4. Celeb News Wire: Check this site for updated celebrity news about stars like John Mayer, Angelina Jolie, Lindsay Lohan, David Beckham and others.
  5. Bumpshack: Get the lowdown on wedding rumors, casting news, and of course all the arrests and missteps of celebs.
  6. Splash News: Get breaking news from Hollywood here.
  7. Daily Blabber: iVillage’s celebrity blog, Daily Blabber, is full of photos and posts about the most popular celebrities.
  8. Absolutely Fabulous: This news site has lots of great features, from a too-skinny celebrity watch to a forum, photo gallery and more.
  9. Celebrity Weasel: Celebrity Weasel finds the best celebrity news and gossip stories on the Web and then links them to its site.
  10. Lepaparazzi: Learn about casting news, celebrity scandals and more on this blog.
  11. Daily Stab: Get movie reviews, celebrity photos and Glam TV videos here.
  12. Hollywood Offender: From celebrity arrests to casting news, get it all here.
  13. New Paparazzi: The title of this site has gotten it right, as celebrity bloggers are now taking over. Categories range from alcohol to Anna Kournikova to eating disorders to Disney.


From celebrity babies to celebrity dogs, these niche blogs are fun to visit for another look at celeb life.

  1. Celebrity Baby Blog: This very popular blog reports on Hollywood pregnancy news, photos of new celeb babies and more.
  2. Gawker: New Yorkers turn to Gawker to learn about new restaurants, celebrity gossip and society news.
  3. Agent Bedhead: This guy is a little pretentious but comes up with funny titles and posts like "Peaches Geldof: Now a Verified Idiot" and "Only One Person Can Make Robert Downey Jr. Seem Less Cool."
  4. All About Nobodies: Read about the stars who are famous for doing nothing, like Paris Hilton, Britney Spears’ mom and The Hills club.
  5. Celebrity Dog Blog: This site tracks the pooches that celebs like Chris Brown, Mariah Carey and Parker Posey carry around.
  6. ValleyWag: Get the news and gossip of Silicon Valley here.
  7. CityRag: This New York-focused celebrity and city blog also covers gossip about West Coast-ers like Kim Kardashian.
  8. Queerty: Read about gay celebrities and gossip that relates to the gay community here.
  9. Stereohyped: The black entertainment industry and political community is gossiped about here.
  10. The Bosh: Get previews of new magazine covers and celebrity interviews at The Bosh.

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