50 Best Chick Lit Blogs

Possibly no other genre of literature has taken so much flak yet rebounded so gracefully than Chick Lit. Considered by some to be mindless drivel, a large portion of the literature is actually quality writing done by excellent authors. The following blogs all celebrate this oft-misunderstood genre. Find blogs about current Chick Lit, the predecessors of the genre, and even a new subcategory for the guys known as Lad Lit in this list below.

Current Literature

The following list of blogs touches on every imaginable aspect of current Chick Lit from quizzes to reviews to discussion groups within a blog.

  1. Trashionista. Find out about books and movies inspired by books at this blog. You can even have your voice heard by participating in one of the quizzes like the recent one asking which book-turned-movie you would most like to see.
  2. Literary Chicks. Written by six women, this blog focuses on books and life. The blog became inactive last year, but the archives are still around and worth checking out because good books are always in fashion.
  3. Candy Covered Books. Specializing in "Chick Lit Book Reviews to those of Women’s Fiction," this blog gets several reviews and then rates the books. Similar to Amazon.com’s style, the book reviews include a number for how many reviews are compiled for each book and an average rating of 1 to 10 based on those reviews.
  4. Chick Lit Books. Find reviews for current Chick Lit on this blog that is also organized by subcategories such as Mom Lit, Lad Lit, and Single City Girl. The blog was idle for a while but has started up again and may soon undergo a face lift.
  5. Conversations with Famous Writers. Despite the title of this blog, it really is just book and book-to-movie reviews. Get the latest scoop on all the new releases in short, easy-to-read bursts.
  6. Lovereading Blog. In addition to new releases and reviews, this blog offers a fun option of downloading the opening extracts of certain books so you can find out first hand if you might enjoy reading the entire book.
  7. Books N Chocolate. Written by eight ladies, this blog features reviews (rated 1 to 5) for books with a definite touch of the Chick Lit variety. Apparently they like chocolate too.
  8. Bookwormom. This blog features a wide variety of information from reviews to lists to off-topic posts about current events and other stuff.
  9. Chick Literate. Find out where each book rates, from a broken heart to five hearts, in this blog. While many of the books reviewed here tend to lean toward the romantic, there are plenty of other Chick Lit genres represented too.
  10. Bookish. While not all the reviews on this blog are completely current, the books reviewed are usually well worth checking out. Read this blog to find out what you should reach for on the library shelf next time.
  11. lit*chick. Read reviews, join book discussion groups, and learn about the blogger’s family all in one spot. This blog offers a nice range of styles within the Chick Lit genre.
  12. Great Reads!. Bordering just on the edge of Chick Lit, this blog brings reviews of young adult, romance, fantasy, and sci-fi. Subscribe to her RSS feed to stay on top of any updates.
  13. Chick Lit Book Club. Find frequent blog posts with thorough reviews of current Chick Lit. If you want to really narrow your search, she has the reviews organized at the right side by four categories ranging from "Loved it!" to "Ugh! Hated it!"

Classic Chick Lit

Who says Chick Lit has to be modern? These blogs feature some of the stylish, glamorous women of an era gone by. If there was a category for Chick Lit back then, this literature would have been at the forefront.

  1. AustenBlog. For anyone who thinks that the classics are old news, this blog proves them wrong. Not only can you read about anything written by Jane Austen, you can also find productions of her work, new edition releases, and more.
  2. BronteBlog. Get bits of information about the Bronte sisters, find out about new releases of audio books, and learn about current references to the Bronte works in the news at this eclectic blog.
  3. Girlebooks Blog. Not only does this blog feature books written by the great-grandmothers of Chick Lit, but you can also download the books for free at their site.
  4. Jane Austen’s World. Another blog devoted to Jane Austen, this one brings together her literature with the culture of her time with bits about "food, dress, social customs, and other 19th C. historical details."
  5. The Victorian Era. While not completely about the women, this blog does cover quite a lot of ground with posts ranging from terms for Victorian era mistresses to why strong Victorian women frequently had to die in literature.
  6. The Victorian Novel’s Journal. Find interesting topics and read what others have posted about them here. While this blog seems to be currently idle, you can still appreciate the posts covering a topic that is almost 200 years old.

Romance Lit

A huge part of the Chick Lit movement is the sub-genre of Romance Lit. These blogs feature all the latest in romance.

  1. eHarlequin.com Blogs. Check out the many blogs available through eHarlequin.com. As you would expect, they all have a bit of a romance lit focus to the varied topics.
  2. I (Heart) Harlequin Presents. Written by the editors and authors at Harlequin, this blog features all the latest happening at Harlequin as well as insight to how the stories take shape, writing contests, and more.
  3. Romancing the Blog. As you might guess, this blog is dedicated to romance literature. A collaborative blog, you can find reviews and much more about romance novels written by several different bloggers.
  4. Black Velvet Seductions Romance Blog. This blog discusses various aspects of the romance novel genre, posts notices for contests and conventions, and more.
  5. Romantic Times Blog. In addition to the book reviews on this blog, you can also get free downloads and see interviews with authors. Romance addicts will want to check out this blog.
  6. Avon Romance Books Blog. Go behind the scenes at Avon Romance with their blog that gives you a bit of news and insight to what goes on at this publishing house. Of course, there are also book reviews and giveaways as well.
  7. Romance B(u)y the Book. This devoted romance novel fan blogs about new novels, the industry, and even includes some pretty hot photos in a few posts. This blog will keep you updated on romance if you can’t get enough.
  8. Regency Reader. This blogger is both a historical romance author and a huge romance fan in general. She has put together this blog, which includes reviews and entertaining top 10 lists, to help weed out the bad romance novels from the good.
  9. Smart Bitches, Trashy Books. Attempting to take the mush and gush out of romance novel reviews, these women tell it to you like it is. If you like romance but want to cut through the trash, then this is the blog for you.
  10. Talk About My Favorite Authors. This aspiring writer posts about books, authors, and more in this blog with a focus on romance and fantasy. She also features guest blogs and interviews with authors here.

Blogs with a Little Spice

The ultimate in strong, confident women, the literature featured in these blogs are a bit more risque than the typical romance novel.

  1. Blog of a Bookslut. As the title would suggest, this woman’s blog has a special focus on literature and sex. Posts include topics such as famous writers who have written smut to pay the bills next to a much less racy recap of an interview with Ann Pachet.
  2. Marla’s Blog turning the pages Between Your Sheets. Get book reviews and information about featured artists on this blog. The books are of the romance variety, but tend to have a few more steamy scenes than the average romance.
  3. Dionne Galace. This blog written by a steamy romance author, offers serials of her writing, snarky comments on other romance novel covers, and a whole world of just-left-of-center posts.
  4. The Smut Sluts. This blog unabashedly embraces the sexier side of Chick Lit with reviews, playful commentary, and some very enticing photos scattered about.

Blogs By Chick Lit Authors

If you thought the women writing Chick Lit stopped at their novels, you have a surprise coming. These blogs are all written by premier Chick Lit authors and are as worth reading as their work you find in stores.

  1. Meg’s Diary. Written by Meg Cabot, this blog covers a wide range of topics from discussing whether or not "Chick Lit" is derogatory to photos of her kitten.
  2. standBy Bert. Elizabeth Crane’s blog touches on movies she is watching, where she will be doing book readings, and other interests that catch her fancy.
  3. Donna Kauffman. Who new TV could become Chick Lit? In the hands of this author, it does. Donna frequently writes about the TV she enjoys and suddenly you feel as if you are reading about the characters in one of her books.
  4. Valerie Frankel’s Palace of Love. Valerie writes about her career, exciting new Ikea furniture, politics, and so much more. This entertaining blog is as good a read as her books.
  5. Melissa Senate. This veteran romance novelist blogs about her books as well as other Chick Lit novels here. You will also find various other topics such as a sweet reminiscence about her son’s past year posted on his birthday.
  6. Whitney Gaskell. There’s nothing like reading blogs written by writers for entertainment. Whitney touches on a variety of topics, but you must read the post relating a phone conversation with her mother.
  7. Southern Comfort. Karin Gillespie’s blog brings you interviews with various authors interspersed with tidbits about her life and career. Karin has been blogging a while, so there are also plenty of archives to search for even more from her.
  8. Lani Diane Rich. Another good example of why writers make good bloggers, this entertaining blog is all over the place with topics such as book research, iVillage makeovers, and reading through your urine.
  9. Chica Lit. Mary Castillo blogs about various novels with an emphasis on her peers’ accomplishments. Keep up with the latest in Chick Lit that might not be front and center at the chain book store.
  10. Ask Cecelia a Question. Take the opportunity to ask a question of Cecelia Ahern about any of her books and don’t forget to read the blog posts that chronicle her career.

Lad Lit

Not to leave out the boys, these blogs feature the sub-genre of Chick Lit that turns the focus to the guys–Lad Lit.

  1. Nick Hornby. Maybe the most famous of the Lad Lit crowd, Nick blogs about politics, writing, and life. Check out this blog for a more frequent fix of Nick’s writing.
  2. Dave Gorman. Read this entertaining blog, but settle in for a while. The lengthy posts range from IT problems to art.
  3. Danny Wallace. Really stretching it to call this a blog, Danny’s site does offer updates on his books, downloads, appearances and much more.
  4. Thomas Dowler. Hop on over to Thomas Dowler’s MySpace page to check out his blog. One of his more recent entries includes some works-in-progress.
  5. Mike Gayle. Here’s another Lad Lit boy who prefers his blog on MySpace. Find out the latest on this U.K. novelist’s book readings and other happenings on his blog.
  6. The Gospel According to Marc. Marc Acito blogs about everything from food to his career to inspiration. It looks like Marc updates daily, so go get your fix.
  7. The Cult. While the entire blog isn’t written by Chuck Palahniuk, he has committed to writing an essay a month for all of 2008. Non-paying members must wait until the essays are a month old before viewing them.

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